Game Design Doc

• The theme for the game will be a sort of pixel art horror game. The main character will wander through the map/playable area, looking for "Pages". The player will also have obstacles/enemies that they have to avoid in order to continue the game.

• Once they collect all the pages, they move on to the next level of the game. Each level will become increasingly harder. Enemies will move faster, increase in numbers, and more pages will have to be collected in order to move on.

• There will be a scoring system based on how many levels have been completed.

• When the player is caught by an enemy, there will be a sprite popping up on screen, with a loud noise: A Jumpscare. This will deture people from losing while increasing tension in later levels when the dificulty of the game increases. Along with the sprite will be a bit of text saying something along the lines of "You've Died" or "You've Been Caught", with an option to replay or to go back to the "Main Menu"

• The design of the game will be dark and spooky. It will take place in a sort of dark, dungeon. The enemies will look like demons, or ghosts. The player will be a basic protagonist; ageless, genderless.

• A bit of lore or an explination into how the protagonist got into their situation might appear before the game starts.

• The game will have no end, and the point of the game is to just have the highest number of levels completed before losing