Hi there! It's me, Simon! that one guy! From class!

I have quite a few passions, ranging from sleeping all day, to designing, playing video games, and writing song lyrics.

Here's a combo of my two favourite things ever: Music and Design!


The images you see above are my 3 favourite covers that I've made, since I make music with my friend! It's my passion, and this is a passion project, after all. (4th wall break!)

Who the hell is this kid?

It's my fourth semester in college, and I'm very much enjoying it so far. I've already made tons of new friends, and my teachers are super awesome, so that's cool! (Hi Bruce)

I find coding to be pretty difficult though- I mostly enjoy illustration and videography, but I'm getting more comfortable with code.

Also enjoy my friend 6slash's music. It's ok, I guess.

6slash's stuff

Some other artists I recomend are Rex Orange County and LoveJoy. Give them a listen, I know you'll enjoy it :)

ANYWAYS! Asside from music...

My Main Passion is illustration!

I love illustrating. I love sketching, i love creating all around random stuff. I kind of started off backwards, in a sense. I started with digital art and then moved onto sketching, which I realized was weird, but that's how it happened!

Some cool stuff

As an illustrator, I've already done some decently cool stuff. For example: I designed a logo for a clothing brand and got paid big bucks!

I also designed a simple, yet funny poster for last year's Dawson play, titled: B.A.B.O.O.N